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Aug 2018 Dread Scott: How art can shape America’s conversation about freedom TED2018 04:32 Low | High
Aug 2018 Mary Lou Jepsen: How we can use light to see deep inside our bodies and brains TED2018 16:50 Low | High
Aug 2018 Leticia Gasca: Don't fail fast -- fail mindfully TED Salon Brightline Initiative 12:34 Low | High
Aug 2018 Janet Stovall: How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace TED@UPS 11:04 Low | High
Aug 2018 Jessica Pryce: To transform child welfare, take race out of the equation TED Residency 07:41 Low | High
Aug 2018 Stephen DeBerry: Why the "wrong side of the tracks" is usually on the east side of cities TED2018 06:50 Low | High
Aug 2018 Chetna Gala Sinha: How women in rural India turned courage into capital TED2018 14:28 Low | High
Aug 2018 Yelle: "Interpassion" / "Ba$$in" TED Salon Brightline Initiative 07:22 Low | High
Aug 2018 Walter Hood: How urban spaces can preserve history and build community TED2018 14:14 Low | High
Aug 2018 Hasini Jayatilaka: How cancer cells communicate -- and how we can slow them down TEDxMidAtlantic 10:19 Low | High
Aug 2018 DK Osseo-Asare: What a scrapyard in Ghana can teach us about innovation TEDGlobal 2017 14:17 Low | High
Aug 2018 Mary Maker: Why I fight for the education of refugee girls (like me) TEDxKakumaCamp 20171215 16:47 Low | High
Aug 2018 Tina Seelig: The little risks you can take to increase your luck TED Salon Brightline Initiative 11:39 Low | High
Aug 2018 Sydney Chaffee: How teachers can help kids find their political voices TEDxBeaconStreet 16:59 Low | High
Aug 2018 Kai-Fu Lee: How AI can save our humanity TED2018 14:49 Low | High
Jul 2018 Christoph Niemann: You are fluent in this language (and don't even know it) TED2018 12:42 Low | High
Jul 2018 Bronwyn King: You may be accidentally investing in cigarette companies TEDxSydney 14:38 Low | High
Jul 2018 Supasorn Suwajanakorn: Fake videos of real people -- and how to spot them TED2018 07:15 Low | High
Jul 2018 Christina Wallace: How to stop swiping and find your person on dating apps TED2018 05:19 Low | High
Jul 2018 Pratik Shah: How AI is making it easier to diagnose disease TEDGlobal 2017 04:59 Low | High
Jul 2018 Lucy Marcil: Why doctors are offering free tax prep in their waiting rooms TED2018 04:56 Low | High
Jul 2018 Tamekia MizLadi Smith: How to train employees to have difficult conversations TED2018 08:10 Low | High
Jul 2018 Boy Girl Banjo: "Dead Romance" TEDNYC 03:42 Low | High
Jul 2018 Stephen Webb: Where are all the aliens? TED2018 13:18 Low | High
Jul 2018 Mikhail Zygar: What the Russian Revolution would have looked like on social media TED2018 04:49 Low | High